Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home again

After three and a half years in Missouri, I'm leaving. I was so reluctant to move here - I can't believe how hard it is to say goodbye. The most outstanding thing about this state has been the sweet people I've met here. There is a genuineness and a lack of pretension that is truly amazing. So as I pack up the house, I try to stay positive and focus on what I'm returning to.

Anacortes was such a magical place. I called it home for 12 years and at least once a week, I would take a moment to reflect how I was lucky to get to live there.

The town itself was pretty charming, with a lively main street and lots of things going on along the docks - even in the winter.  They were also big into festivals. The top three being the Oyster Run (for bikers), the Waterfront Festival and the big one - the Anacortes Art Festival, pictured below.

Our home is a little outside of town, just above where the ferry goes out to the San Juan Islands.  We used to watch the ferries weave through the islands. It was especially lovely at night. And down at the foot of the hill is Washington Park. It has lovely walking trails and this gorgeous tree. Tourists always walk out on its tired and gracious trunk. I have to wonder if it still stands.

Deception Pass is also pretty near to our home. I took a kayak a little too close to the main channel once.  I don't regret it. I had a terrific encounter with a seal that was worth all the dirty looks I earned.

We also live really close to a hidden gem: Little Cranberry Lake.  It has a wonderful walking trail all around it and I rarely met another person on my walks. The dogs, especially Dora, missed it terribly.

As sad as I am to leave so many good friends - I hope they'll come and see me in A-town. It's the reason I wrote this post, after all :)  To lure you.

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