Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where politics melts my head

How did this happen?
For the last few weeks, I’ve been a teary mess. And it's over something on the news. Why do I let it get to me? Because sometimes it's not just the news, but it's a mirror - showing us what the world is really like. This time the mirror is showing me Donald Trump.
Why would this … schoolyard bully reduce me to this? We've all had a bully in our lives, some more than others. My personal bully was my cousin, and he made my life a living hell. In a way it strengthened me, but I wouldn’t wish that baptism of fire on anyone. It warped me – that kind of heat melted my metal and shaped me into a new thing.  When I hear Donald mocking, appealing to our baser nature, suddenly, I’m 14 again and the tormentor is back, roaming the hallways with no monitors in sight. Worse than that – my classmates are screaming encouragement in his ear.
When my cousin turned 19 he apologized, for what it’s worth. He grew to know better. Do I think this the Trump Trend is capable of that?  I do not.
The real upsetting thing to me isn’t that someone like Donald Trump exists.  There will always be that sort of cruel bully in the world.  It’s the fact that he’s so popular. That so god-damned many of my countrymen want this guy to lead our country. Who celebrate this man who mocks disabled people, who encourages hate. Who want to marginalize all the 'thems' in this world.
I am humbled. And broken – that my fellow Americans embrace this ignorance and hate.  I thought we were so much better than this.
They break my heart.  And if they knew, they’d mock me for that.  Fuck that. Mock away.  I know that hate, ridicule, fear – they will always lose – given enough time.
But so many suffer while we keep learning the same fucking lessons.
Be better than this, America.

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